About Jersey

Jersey - a world leading financial services centre

Jersey is one of the world’s leading offshore international financial centres, remaining at the forefront of the global finance industry for over 50 years. Although its allegiance is to the British crown, the Island is independent from the United Kingdom and is self-governing. With complete economic and political stability, Jersey operates under its own judicial system based on common law practices.

Highly respected and one of the best regulated international finance centres, Jersey offers a tax neutral environment, as well as a comprehensive and robust business and communications infrastructure. Its central time zone intersects the closing of business in India and Greater China and the opening of business in the United States.

The jurisdiction’s main language is English and the Great British pound (£) and Jersey pound form its retail currency, with all major currencies accepted for financial transactions.


About the island of Jersey

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands and is located between the northern coast of France and the southern coast of England. Its capital St Helier is the home of the island's retail and business districts. Its status as a Crown Dependency gives the jurisdiction constitutional rights of self-government and judicial independence. This offers both businesses and investors the benefits of an independent international finance centre, which is close to the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

Jersey offers a true work/life balance with an emphasis on healthy living and outdoor lifestyle. Its abundance of leisure and sporting facilities, un-spoilt coastlines and some must-see experiences from conservation to historical locations are all in easy reach within Jersey’s 45 square miles. Famous for its fresh local produce such as the Jersey Royal potatoes and its fresh seafood from the Island’s clear water, Jersey offers amazing eating experiences from beachside restaurants to Michelin-star dining.