Official opening ceremony of IFC 1

We were delighted to recently celebrate a significant milestone for the Island when we opened the first building at the International Finance Centre, Jersey - IFC 1. A huge thank you to all guests who attended, special thanks to our honoured guest The Bailiff and Senator Alan Maclean and Connetable Simon Crowcroft who officially helped to open the new building.

IFC 1 is the highest quality and most efficient office building in St Helier and is a testament to the design team - principally MJP Architects who designed the building and Waterman Group plc who were the full-service engineers and the main contractor Camerons.

What sets IFC 1 apart from other new office buildings is its high levels of natural light, the extensive high quality civic space, its column free floorplates and the high quality unitised facade.

With floor to ceiling windows on all four facades, the entire buildings occupiers are within seven metres of window. Scientific research has highlighted that natural light improves staff wellbeing, reduces absenteeism and increases productivity by approximately 10 per cent.

The development features high quality civic space. Footpaths have been more than doubled in width and a piazza has been formed to the north of the building. The granite paving has been carefully selected and we've been able to re-use some of the old sea wall granite to form the pavement edge curbs.

We would particularly like to thank HSBC for financing the project and our tenants in IFC 1 - UBS and BNP Paribas, who selected the building and entrusted JDC to deliver.