The Strength of Women in Jersey's Construction Industry

Society has progressed and evolved in many ways. One significant change has been the increasing presence of qualified women in the business world, proving themselves to be more than capable in every sector of industry, this includes the construction industry.

NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) is an international organisation of women working in the construction industry. The association was formed to support and help more women flourish in construction, as well as promoting a variety of female career choices in UK construction. NAWIC is currently working with internationally acclaimed photographer Morley Von Sternberg who is producing a photographic collection of portraits which illustrates passion, inspiration and collaboration of fellow women within the industry.

The project shows the diversity of women in a variety of ages, roles and professions. The project will also help to create awareness of the wide range of career choices available in the industry. Whether it's to the younger audience looking for a career with a difference, or to those seeking a career change to something different and challenging to a regular nine to five office job.

The number of women working in the local construction industry was highlighted recently with the completion of the International Finance Centres' IFC 5 and it's new public square. The development show-cased the diversity of women working within Jersey's construction industry and it is hoped more women will now be inspired to join the industry.